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Depression, an illness like cancer

It is not the result of a general medical condition, medication, substance abuse or grieving process. The illness occurs in recurring episodes, almost like asthma attacks. Depression fighters experience different symptoms of depression and not everyone experiences all the symptoms or the same intensity thereof.


eat and sleep too much or too little (is constantly tired) | frequent headache and stomach ache | emotional (sad, crying), irritated | restless, tense or anxious | high frustration levels | guilt | low self-esteem | poor ability to concentrate, indecisive | cannot easily recall information | forgetful | neglect appearance | self-harm | think a lot about death and ending your life | constantly shares suicidal thoughts in writing and verbally | unusually aggressive | misconduct | little/no interest in favourite pastime | unusual daring behaviour | decline in academic achievements | frequently absent (from school or work) | lack of motivation, interest and enthusiasm | avoid social events (want to be on your own)