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About us

D101 focus

A play, talks and workshops are used to raise the awareness of depression and related illnesses. Professional therapy is not accessible to everyone and individuals have to deal with their challenges themselves. Audiences are introduced to different ways in which they can better manage their own depression, but also that of others. Under no circumstances should these tools replace professional therapy.

Board of directors (NPC)

The non-profit company is led by

Alida Kruger

Social worker/Retirement Home: Manager

Andre Westraat

Industrial Psychologist

Eben Potgieter


Giovanni Africa

PNX Global Manager

Lise Swart

RSG Presenter

Cois de Kock


Johan Laten

Johan is a former teacher, programme facilitator and project manager.

He has been fighting depression for several years and knows the challenges of the ilness first hand. The increase in diagnosed depression, anxiety and suicide among especially teenagers prompted him to start his ministry, Depression101, in 2016. Depression fighters and their supporters need to know what the illness entails. Johan performs everywhere (in SA and Namibia) where he gets an opportunity to perform his one-man show, #puppet, and present the workshop, I am (not) fine.

Therapy and medication are non-negotiable for Johan’s self-management of his depression. The support of his faith community is an inseparable component of his therapy. He says: "Without it, I would most likely have made my final exit by now."

Johan does not pretend to be a psychologist or a professional counsellor. As a trained narrative therapist, he creates conversation opportunities for teens and adults to talk about their challenges in confidentiality. When considered necessary, clients are referred for professional help.

Johan challenges you to get involved, even if it's just telling others that depression is not about pulling yourself together, but a treatable illness like cancer, something which the depression fighter does not have to be ashamed of. Talk about it, because it's okay not to be okay.

Johan is married to Annette (scientist) and their children are Jana (accountant) and Melt (biokineticist and physiotherapy student). Princess Laten does not belong to a specific breed and completes the family photo.