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Mood disorders such as depression increase rapidly. Modern society is struggling to overcome this problem, due to a lack of resources, the stigma and misunderstandings associated with mental health.

The main aim of DEPRESSION 101 is to raise awareness about depression with the one-man show, #puppet, to support depression fighters and to provide the uninformed with information to understand the behaviour of the depression fighter and the ...

This is an interactive workshop for anyone and everyone who works with people or just doesn't feel fine themselves.  Practical suggestions are discussed to manage your own or other’s depression between or without professional therapy sessions.

An interactive workshop to better understand and manage your own, other residents', children’s, and grandchildren's depression.

The audience is introduced to the role players of bullying: Grootbek Bully, Shaun Spectator and Willie Victim, the part each one plays and what impact their behaviour has on the victims.


    Receive an email with information on depression and related topics 3 times a week.


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